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Is your nonprofit considering solar power (photovoltaics) but finding the up-front costs too steep? BeniSol financing enables an immediate 10-20% reduction in electricity costs and ownership of the system within 8-10 years.

How does BeniSol do this?

BeniSol installs, owns, operates and maintains the solar system while selling the generated electricity to your non-profit for an immediate 10-20% cost reduction over the serving utility. After 8-10 years the non-profit has the option to buy the solar system from BeniSol for less than 50% of the original cost; a financing method known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Small scale PPAs, while introduced less than 20 years ago, are now fairly common in the solar industry. BeniSol's advantage is that its operating costs are much lower than typical solar company as BeniSol is run by one person, Sven Thesen.

BeniSol Background

BeniSol, LLC, is a sole-proprietor Californian LLC founded by Sven Thesen in mid-2015. To fund the LLC, he (with his wife's blessing) took a 2nd mortgage on their house, that's how serious they are about making solar energy more available and affordable. To date BeniSol has 2 completed projects and has a third under construction.

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